Current Lab Members


Devavani Chatterjea, PhD

Primary Investigator

Devavani is an associate professor of Biology (Immunology) and Global Health at Macalester College. She enjoys reading, writing, traveling and spending time with her family.




Charles Benck ‘15

Minnetonka, MN

Major: Biology

Minor: Anthropology and Hispanic Studies

Charlie uses flow cytometry to analyze changes in mast cell distribution in models of long term allergic exposure. He volunteers with the Minneapolis Public Schools, and enjoys cooking, gardening/landscaping, and traveling.


Jyothi Dhanwada ‘15

Cedar Falls, IA

Majors: Biology and Political Science

Concentration: Community and Global Health

Jyothi is working on gene expression studies in allergen-exposed skin. When not at the bench, she dreams of policy to address global disparities in access to health care. Jyothi enjoys spending time with family, DIY projects, good TV shows, and frozen yogurt.


Jasmine Landry ’15

North Hampton, MA

Major: Biology

Concentration: Community and Global Health

Jasmine is looking at mast cell and innervation patterns in skin in an allergen exposure model.  She hopes to use her experience in a future career in medicine.  Outside of lab, she enjoys baking, reading, Orange is the New Black, and rowing on the Mississippi River.

nitaNita Chai ’16

Apple Valley, MN

Major: Biology

Concentration: Community and Global Health

Nita is investigating potential immune responses in a model of yeast antigen exposure. She enjoys biking, doing yoga, watching movies, and drinking Coca-Cola.


Hanna Mengistu ’16

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

Major: Chemistry

Emphasis: Biochemistry

Hanna is working on a behavioral assay to investigate the interplay between allergy and pain. She enjoys listening to different types of music, reading novels, and drinking coffee.